They say sharing is caring. That food brings people together.

With his crunchy bread and crispy pork, Kenny has made it his mission to bring joy to the mouths of many. One pork roll at a time. 

The same joy that stemmed from the age of 14 when he was first exposed to the homemade goodness of pork rolls made by his mum. 

After years of trial and error, Kenny has perfected the crispy pork roll. 

Five years on, Kenny’s genuine love for pork rolls has now grown deeper than just feeding the people of Sydney. 

Such devotion extends beyond the cosiness of 159 Oxford St, and onto the streets of Sydney where Kenny seeks to be a server to the community.

For Kenny, his food is a gift. A gift that acts like music - bringing people together. Feeding the homeless, Kenny believes his food helps connect the wider community with the homeless people who are often outcasted. From listening to individual’s stories to advocating the community to remove their judgement, feeding the homeless has shown Kenny his power of following your heart.

What started off as a love for food, has transformed into a platform to inspire everyone to find and share their own gift. 

Balancing homemade pate, mayonnaise, perfect pickled veggies, crunchy bread and crispy pork, Kenny’s rolls does not miss a spot - hitting every taste and never compromising on quality.

You’ll know it in the first bite. The one that bursts all flavours in your mouth. The kind that gets you craving for your next bite. 

As for portions? 

Kenny is all for making his pork rolls filled to the max, so you’re gonna want to eat his rolls with both hands. 

Crispy. Well-balanced. Fresh. 

What more can you ask for? 

Join Kenny's mission

To Provide


(Cooked with love)

To aussies in need

WED & THU @ Martin place